Making EPS tools since 1965
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Products and Services

Tool manufacturing

It is our main activity. We have a lot of experience, and we have made tools as:
  • EPP and EPS tools for standard parts
  • Double density parts tools
    • By mobile back plates
    • By separators walls
    • By transfer machines
  • Tools for parts with inserts
    • We provide you the tool ready with all accessories to work.
  • Tools with mechanisms
    • For not demolding areas
    • For getting parts with several thicknesses.
  • Tools for making skin molding in the EPP/EPS machines.
  • Sintered metal tools for EPP.


Tool modification and reparation.

We have special care with modifications and reparations to avoid damages to our customers in production parts.

Also, we can manage maintenance of the tools, in order to have them ready for production.

Product design

Specially in packaging, we can do the work. We have the tools

Prototype machining

CNC machining prototypes for testing parts designs.

Parts and accessories for molding shape machines

We have a boiler department, where we manufacture big dimensions machined-welded assemblies like steam chambers, tanks, support tools wagons, etc...

Under demand, we can produce spare parts for shape moulding machines.

Standard tool components manufacturing

We manufacture several standard tool components as, fill guns, water nozzles, ejectors, ejectros guides, ejector flanges, ejector springs, fill guns supports, etc...

Ask for them to us

Marks and daters

We make several types of daters and we can make the mark you want.